4 reasons why SEO is crucial for your online success

Discover the power of SEO and how it benefits your business online, tremendously.


A successful business is one that has been able to garner more attention from its customers and prospects than its competitors. One of the best ways to do this is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO means optimizing a website by creating content infused with rich keywords that helps it become more relevant, popular, and easily discoverable to online user searches.
Search engines (like Google, or Yahoo) rank a website based on SEO and will analyze your website’s performance, how easy a user can navigate through it, and if the information it provides is relevant to users' research.

Creating SEO content by finding the right keywords, and by organizing your ideas in a creative, and informative manner, is essential if you wish to drive more customers to your website and convert them more easily.

Before diving into how you can optimize your SEO, please have a quick look at some of the major benefits it provides for your website, and consequently, your business. This way, you can have a good understanding of why SEO should be a priority in your digital growth strategy.

01. SEO improves the User Experience (UX)

Designer drawing frameworks on an iPad.

First, what is User Experience (or UX)? 

UX is an essential element in digital marketing and represents everything that makes your user’s experience on your website, as easy and as smooth as possible. It means ensuring that your content page loads quickly, that your website works on different devices seamlessly, and that relevant information is easy to access.

Every time you went on a website and felt that it was easy to purchase a product, to find an interesting answer to your question, or simply learn about a company through their different pages, you have experienced good UX. The effect is simple: you trust it now and will most likely come back again when you need it; loyal customer.

Since SEO forces you to rethink your pages' structure (button, menu, sections, redirections), and your content (visual and textual), it indirectly, but automatically, serves the purpose of improving your UX.

02. SEO increases organic traffic

Graphs about clicks, impression and CTR of a website.

As we mentioned in the introduction, search engines rank websites based on SEO. But why?

When a user is looking for specific information, he inputs specific keywords in the search bar. These keywords drive the algorithm to pick and choose, between millions of websites, the source that will satisfy the user's research in the most efficient way.
If your UX (seen in the previous point) is bad or if your webpages lack the specific keywords, the algorithm will not consider you as a worthy source and will not rank you well. More difficult to find equals less organic traffic (almost nobody goes past page one on Google...).

Whether you are asleep, or in vacation, your website is constantly active, so you must make the best out of it.
By optimizing your SEO, you are indicating to the search engine algorithm that your website is the best answer to a user's inquiry. Ranked high, you will drive more organic traffic to your webpages, resulting in higher conversion chances.

03. SEO helps collect customer behavior data

Google search bar.

Driving traffic, converting visitors, and creating loyalty all revolve around one thing: Identifying your audience and its behavior.
Important for any business, and especially for brands in their early stage when customer retention is at a slower pace, collecting data about your audience should be one of your highest priority, and should be done constantly.

This can be done through A/B testing (discussed in another article coming soon) but more simply through your SEO.
Indeed, as you work on your content, and your UX, you can use SEO tools to identify what specific keywords have driven visitors to your website, and what specific elements have transformed them into customers.
These data will then help you get rid of superfluous, or ineffective components of your webpages, and improve both traffic and conversion rates.

Warning: new trends and new technologies can create new experience and new expectations. Make sure to analyze the market, and look at what your competitors do, so you can adapt quickly in case of major changes in customer behavior.

04. SEO improves your brand image

A person showing a website to another through a laptop.

What does a good brand image do? It builds trust.

Your brand image is one of the most important aspect of your business. Without a good one, it will be very challenging to attract people and even more to keep them. If one customer can be adventurous enough to try for the first time your product or service, he will not come back if the overall experience was not satisfactory.

Now, what do you need to create this satisfaction? 01: A flawless UX. 02: A highly ranked website. 03: The data about what your audience considers a good experience. In other words, and you probably guessed it now, you need great SEO, as it encapsulates each of these elements.


Visibility on search engine can make or break your business online.

You are always threatened by bigger companies, more experienced competitors, or new players with better technologies. SEO gives you better chances of fighting them, and let you get the stage you deserve to reach your targets. Optimizing your website can be a long process, but it will always benefit your business positively, if done properly. This is why we believe it should be handled by professionals, in order to have faster and cleaner results.

While we always recommend an agency for SEO, we will share an article about "How you can improve your SEO" very soon; underlining key elements that will help you understand how to boost visibility on search engines. Stay tuned!

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